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Updated on:

Friday, February 26th

*Spoilers courtesy of various Soap Magazines, TV Guide & other reliable sources*


*The newest spoilers are put on top so that means these most likely will not happen in the order listed*

  • Antonio confronts Gabi after finding her with a gun.

  • Gabi realizes the contents of the box she swiped from the SBPD evidence room doesn't contain the $200,000 -- it contains a gun!

  • Gabi stops Francesca from revealing all to Ricardo.

  • Francesca uses the tape against Antonio.

  • Ricardo nearly catches Gabi in the evidence room searching for the $200,000 for Franny -- will she be able to get herself out of this one?

  • Gabi tries to prevent Francesca from showing the tape to Ricardo, reminding her that Antonio has always stood by her.

  • Francesca pressures Antonio to make sure that she gets what she wants.

  • Francesca continues to make enemies this week as she discovers she has some incriminating evidence of Gabi and Antonio. She decides to call Gabi and threatens to expose her secret. Gabi just dismisses the notion and hangs up on Francesca. Later, an armed Francesca arrives with the video and her blackmail demands. She tells Gabi that there is $200,000. in the evidence room that she wants. When Gabi refuses to do as Francesca wants, a stunned Gabi gets an eyeful from the video. Will she give in to Francesca's blackmail?

  • Antonio and Gabi continue to deal with the aftermath of what happened in the rubble.

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