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The Explosion - Part One

Antonio & Gabi finally let out their feelings after being trapped in the explosion:

[Antonio & Gabi holding eachother at arms length, staring in eachothers eyes; all of a sudden the electricity goes out and they look up]

G: Antonio, what was that? What's happening?

[They stare in eachothers eyes for a minute longer before Antonio goes to stand up]

G: Antonio... wait! [grabbing Antonio's arm and pulling him back down] I'm scared... please... please hold me...

[Antonio hesitates before pulling Gabi into a hug]

[Pulling away and holding Gabi at arms length]

A: Alright, we're going to get outta here, and I'm not going to let you die and I don't feel much like it myself.

G: I can't believe you came after me.

A: Well I knew you were in trouble.

G: You risked your life for me Antonio.

A: And I'd do it again.

G: You know, you were an hour away from getting on a plane to get away from me.

A: That's because I care so much about you, you know that, right?

G: Yeah, [Smiling] I do.

[Both breaking away to look at their surroundings]

G: Antonio, I'm scared... I haven't been this scared since the last time we were in this much trouble.

A: Hey, we made it out of that ok,right?

[both smiling]

G: Yeah... thank you... for being here. I would be scared to death if you weren't here with me - if I was down here all alone.

A: Well you're not alone, ok?

G: Antonio, there are some things that I need to say to you... just in case.

A: Gabi, I told you that we are going to make it out of here, so don't even think that we won't. Ok, there's gotta be another way out of here.

[Both get up and Antonio goes over to a pile of wreckage and climbs up on it, pulling boards and debris down, Gabi watching him]

A: Look, see? Progress.

[Gabi looks up too see a huge piece of concrete slab about to fall on Antonio]


[she runs over, knocking him out of the way, both of them falling to the ground, the slab just missing them]

[Antonio & Gabi get up, Antonio has a gash on his upper right arm]

A: You ok?

[sitting down next to eachother]

G: I'm fine -- I saw that piece of concrete coming down... Antonio, you're arm...

A: No, It's ok.

G: Look at it! It's bleeding.

A: It's alright, I can't worry about it right now.

G: Well I am! [taking off her jacket to try to stop the bleeding] Let me help you, come here... Come here [pulling Antonio's arm in to try to help him but he pulls away] Please, please stand still...

A: Gabi, we don't have time for this now!

G: Well, uh, Antonio, you don't have to get angry with me, ok, I was just trying to help you.

A: I'm sorry, ok, it's not you [standing up, banging his head on concrete slab above then crouching down] alright...

G: Are you ok? [crouching beside him]

A: We have to get out of here! Before this whole thing shifts again, before our air supply is cut off.

[Their faces real close, staring in eachother's eyes]

G: No, it's not that Antonio... it's me, and you know it.

G: Antonio you've been trying to... to get away from me all this time, and now we're here, we're stuck together.

A: Gabi, listen to me, I just want to get us out of here, I want to help you and I want to put you back in Ricardo's arms, where you belong, and I want to get on the next plane to Guatemala -- but I can't do that, I can't help you, I keep failing at everything!

G: Antonio! Just stop! OK? You're incredible, alright, and... and you're an amazing man, and you have this endless supply of kindness...

[Antonio chuckling]

A: I haven't been too kind to you lately, Gabi.

G: Well, we both know why, don't we?

A: Yeah, maybe because it's failed, I've failed myself, I've failed my brother, and I've failed my church.

G: Well, you haven't failed me.

A: No Gabi, I've failed you most of all, I should've never let myself feel the way I feel about you.

G: Why? Because you're not supposed to be a man first?

A: No, because I'm supposed to be a man in control first.

G: Then what about me?

A: What do you mean?

G: If you've failed, and if you can't control yourself, then I've failed too.

A: No Gabi.

G: Yes, because I haven't been able to completely give myself, or commit myself to Ricardo.

A: Gabi, listen to me...

G: And It's all because, because I have the same feelings for you... that you have for me.

G: It's true Antonio, I feel the same for you... that you feel for me. You can't be surprised.

A: It's just different hearing it. [You can see a flicker of a smile flash across his face]

G: I wanted to tell you last night.

A: I know, I stopped you.

G: Are you sorry now that i said it?

A: No...

G: I feel so ashamed because of the way I feel, but yet....

A: But yet, you don't, I know, believe me Gabi.

G: It's worse for you, Antonio.

A: No, we're both in trouble with this, I don't think it's worse for either one of us -- we both love Ricardo.

G: I never, ever want to hurt him.

A: Neither do I.

G: It would kill him if he knew.

A: Gabi, I don't want you to blame yourself for this, ok? I started it and you sensed how I felt, I mean if I stopped this.... [Getting up and sitting on the other side of Gabi, Gabi turning to face him] If I stopped this months ago, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

G: No, I will not let you take the blame for this, ok, it just... it happened.

A: Well it shouldn't have, I shouldn't have let it, and now.....

[The debris starts shifting and collapsing on top of them, they huddle clutching eachother, trying to shield eachother from the falling wreckage & yelling through the noise]

G: ANTONIO! What's happening?!!

A: I think it's shifting under it's own wait!

G: Why isn't anybody here to help us?!

[The falling wreckage lets up and they get up]

A: There's a ton of dirt and debris over us, but Gabi, there are probably people out there, moving things around, trying to get to us, but every time they do...

G: It's going to cave in on us, Antonio... We're gonna die in here, aren't we?

--Transcribed by Colleen

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