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The Explosion - Part Two

Antonio & Gabi lose hope, thinking they are about to die:

[As the roof collapses on top of them, they yell through all the noise]

G: Antonio, what's happening?

A: I think its shifting under its own weight.

G: Why isn't anybody here to help us??

[The debris stops falling and they get up and sit]

A: There is a ton of dirt and debris over us, Gabi, there are probably people out there moving things around trying to help us. But every time they do...

G: Its gonna cave in on us. Antonio, we're gonna die in here aren't we?

A: Faith Gabi, have faith...

G: No, I can feel it, I know it, its all going to come down on us and we can't stop it.

A: We're in Gods hands now.

G: Then, then we will die, we deserve it, it's his punishment, Antonio, it's his punishment on us.

A: We may die, Gabi, but it's not Gods will, people planted those explosives, to stop you from turning them in for embezzlement.

G: No, it's Gods plan, he let this happen.

A: No, it was their choice, good or evil, we all get to choose our way.

G: God waited.

A: Bad things happen,Gabi, to good people too. God knows our hearts and he forgives us, trust me.

G: I do, but can God be this forgiving? Can he understand, can he understand our love for each other? No matter how wrong that love is?

[Antonio looks confused, but understands what Gabi is saying]

A: You know, when Maria died, or so we thought. I was so angry with God, and at myself for... I don't know... for not saving her.

G: But you got past that, Antonio. Something's changed.

A: I changed, there was this priest at this church that I grew up in. His name was Father Dietrich and he taught me a few things, he taught me a few things about anger and how destructive it was.

G: And it made the difference?

A: One of the things he did, he um... He got me involved in this program for kids and these kids, they came from families, and it made it easy to see what my blessings were.

G: So you found peace with God by helping others.

A: I kept really busy and I healed myself without even noticing but when I realized what I had learned, I knew that I wanted to share it with others and than I decided that the spiritual life was the one I had been born for.

G: So you believe that things happen for a reason?

A: In a way, I joined the seminary and never looked back.

G: Until now.

A: To be honest with you, Gabi, you were right, we could possibly die here, I mean, its getting warmer and the air is...

G: You don't have to say it, Antonio, I know.

A: I can see my family now, right, after this is all over, making me out to be a saint -- a lousy priest who failed at everything being a good priest is supposed to be.

G: Your not a saint, your only human and I'm very glad you are.

[they just gaze into each others eyes]

G: Antonio, that draft of air that we felt before...

A: Yeah, its gone, everything shifted. I don't thing there has been fresh air in here for a while.

G: So it's getting harder to breath.

A: We need to stay calm, Gabi, not move around to much, to conserve the air that's left in here.

G: You are amazing...

A: That's the last thing I am, Gabi.

G: No, you don't understand.

A: We don't have to talk...

G: I want to, I need you to understand. When Ricardo forgave me for what I did to him, I loved him for that... but you've... you've always seen me for the person that I've wanted to be seen as. The person I wanted to be.

A: You are that person, Gabi. I mean you're a loyal friend, your generous, you're filled with so much love...

G: Yeah, I almost believe you when you say it, the person that you see, I want to be that person and I've tried, your friendship is everything that I've ever wanted...

A: I needed yours as much as you needed mine. Gabi, you didn't just see me as a priest, you saw me as a human being, you saw underneath the collar to who I really am and you always have.

G: Maybe that was it, that I never saw you as a priest, I saw you as a friend and a man... it's so hard.

A: I know.

G: I never thought that my life would end this way.

A: It never goes the way you think, does it? When I became a priest, I thought I'd make a difference every minute... that I'd help the faithless find happiness, peace, but it fell apart... first Rosario, then here.

G: No, that's not true!

A: I blew it, Gabi. I messed everything up by giving in, by falling in love...

G: It doesn't make you a bad priest, Antonio, or a bad person. It just makes you human, like all of us...

A: Thanks.

G: Antonio, we really are going to die in here, aren't we?

A: I don't see any other way out right now....

[Both looking in eachothers eyes]

G: Hold me...

[Taking her in his arms, staring in eachothers eyes, she puts his hand on his face]

G: I love you (whispers)

[They pull in for a kiss, slow at first... then passionately...]

--Transcribed by Amina

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