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The Explosion - Part Three

Antonio & Gabi finally give in to their ungodly passion while trapped in the explosion:

[Gabi & Antonio sit facing eachother]

G: Hold me...

[Antonio stares into her eyes for a minute and then pulls her close, putting his arm on Gabi's; Gabi places her hand on his his face and whispers]

G: I love you...

[Another moment of gazing into eachothers eyes -- they pull close and kiss softly at first, the kiss growing more passionate - Antonio pulls away from the kiss, both of them still holding eachother]

G: Antonio....


A: Gabi... What are we doing?

[Gabi taking Antonio's face into her hands]

G: I know what I'm... what I'm doing...

[Antonio placing his hand on hers, and whispering]

A: My God...

G: I love you, Antonio... And I don't want to die without showing you how much.

[No longer being able to deny their love for eachother any longer, Antonio & Gabi lose themselves in eachothers arms, falling into a deep, passionate kiss -- after pulling away for a moment, Gabi begins to remove Antonio's priests collar, placing it on the ground beside them, both of them glancing down at it for a second, taking in what they're about to do & then turning back to eachother and giving in. Later on we see Gabi lying with her head on Antonio's chest, Antonio stroking her hair -- she props herself up on her elbows for another tender kiss. Meanwhile Ricardo is right outside AJ's office, or what once was AJ's office -- where A&G are trapped -- about to break through...]

[Antonio & Gabi pull away from their kiss, both stroking eachothers faces]

A: I don't know how much longer we have here... but one thing that will never die, ever, is the way I feel about you... I love you Gabi, and I always will, no matter what.

[Both continuing to stare in eachothers eyes, they hear Ricardo call Gabi's name from outside the rubble -- they both sit up abruptly, clinging to eachother and staring on in shock]

--Transcribed by Colleen

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