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Antonio & Gabi say their emotional goodbyes believing they won't see eachother again before Antonio leaves for Guatemala:

[Antonio is walking Gabi home from The Deep, they stop in a deserted area for a few minutes]

G: Well, this is a first.

A: What is?

G: Well, usually when we walk we can't get a word in edgewise, and tonight... you could run a truck through the silence.

A: I don't know what to say.

G: I wanted this time alone with you, to talk, Antonio.

A: Then talk.

G: You really can't stand being alone with me anymore, can you?

A: That's not it at all Gabi. Why don't we just keep walking...

G: No, I like it here, Antonio, there's less chance of people interrupting us.

A: Ricardo asked me to walk you home and that's what I'm trying to do.

G: Antonio, cut it out, ok? There's alot of stuff that we need to say to eachother and if we don't say it tonight we never will.

A: What do you mean?

G: This is the last night we're ever going to see eachother.

[Antonio & Gabi walk over and sit on a bench]

A: I know Guatemala's far away, Gabi, but I'll come home and visit.

G: I'm not so sure that's true, Antonio.

A: Let's not make this harder than it has to be. Ok, lets just say goodbye at the party my family's throwing for me tomorrow.

G: I'm not going to your party, Antonio.

A: Why??? Is it something that my mother said to you?

G: Not yet.

A: Then what?

G: I can't go to your party Antonio. You know why.

A: Is it because of what I said to you? I only told you that because I felt that I didn't have a choice.

G: That you had feelings for me? And then you asked me if I had feelings for you?

A: You never answered my question.

G: Because we were interrupted. And I was glad we were. Because I don't want to tell you the truth, but now I know that I have too...

[Antonio stands up, Gabi doing the same]

A: Gabi, please don't do this.

G: Antonio, you're going to hear me out.

A: Ok, just... say it already

[Gabi, her eyes starting to well up with tears]

G: You have been the best friend that I could ever ask for, you've been my rock, you've been my supporter, and, and you have given so much of yourself to me. I'll never forget that, I'll never... I'll never have a friend like you... I'll never let you out of my heart Antonio.

[Gabi, taking Antonio's face in her hands, pulling him in for a light, soft 'almost' kiss, wrapping him in a hug and then pulling away, stroking Antonio's cheeks lightly with her hands]

G: I'll miss you forever Antonio.

[Gabi in tears, turns and leaves. Antonio watching her leave and then turning, burying his face in his hands]

--Transcribed by Colleen

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